Birth Doula

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What is a doula? In greek it means “women’s helper,” and she provides non medical labor support. While your OBGYN or midwife focus on the medical components of your labor, a doula helps by providing unwavering physical, emotional, and informational support leading up to and during your labor. Research supports that having a doula can have significant benefits - such as reducing the chance of having a cesarean birth and potentially reducing the length of your labor. Some of the support methods doulas use are massage, pain relief techniques, and encouragement to calm , comfort, and center you.

I offer two prenatal visits. I then arrive by your side during early labor and stay with you until your sweet babe is in your arms! I will also check in with you at your home with a postpartum visit - typically 2-3 days after your birth.

For a limited time only, I am providing my doula services as a complimentary service. I completed the in-person training through Carriage House Birth in January 2018, and I am required to attend five births for the full certification. If interested, please contact me, and we can set up a time to meet to determine if we are a match!